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Final Note: On September 4, 2006 Steve Irwin died while scuba diving from a freak accident encounter with a sting ray. Steve Irwin lived his life to the very fullest to the day he died.


Here is a 1st Person report on Steve Irwin:


Hello, my name is Steve Irwin. People call me the Crocodile Hunter. I was born in Australia where my parents Bob and Lynn taught me everything I know. They dedicated their entire life to the conservation of wildlife and family.


I caught my first crocodile when I was 9 years old. My dad and I would ride in a small boat at night and spot crocs. Then we would jump on their backs and wrestle them into bags.


Once when I was 12 I caught 7 deadly poisonous black snakes during a school field trip. My dad got really mad at me for taking the snakes on the school bus with other children.


In 1991 I met a sheila named Terri from the United States. One year later we got married. She loves wildlife too. We worked together building our zoo, saving crocs, capturing snakes and filming wildlife. She would help me when I would jump on the back of a croc and hold its head she would jump on its tail.


Then in 1998 we had a baby girl named Bindi. Just like me she was introduced to wildlife from the very beginning. She played with tarantulas and helped us catch rattle snakes in Texas. Snakes are her favorite animal. She is just like me.


At my zoo we teach people about wildlife and how to preserve nature and animals. The world will not be the same if many animals become extinct. I want to make the world a better place for man and animals. I have taught my daughter Bindi to love and conserve our wildlife. If we save our wildlife we can save ourselves and I spend my life teaching people how to help wildlife.


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