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Music I listen to when drinking.

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I love to drink about once every 4 or 5 days. Otherwise I don’t drink at all. But on those days that I do drink, I enjoy going to my computer and putting on about 50 or 60 songs in the playlist from the over 50 gigs of music on my hard drive.

Many of you might not of ever heard of Daniel Bejar  but if you have you know what a great artist he is and how incredible is his music. I particularly like his music from his band Destroyer. 
If you listen you might hear some similarities to David Bowies’ album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. He has some of Bowie’s sound yet I think in many ways he has perfected what Bowie was trying to achieve on Ziggy Stardust. In particular I really love the album Destroyer’s Rubies. This is some of Bejar’s best work ever, such as songs Painter in Your Pocket and Looters’ Follies to name a couple. And its a great album to listen to while drinking.

Now those of you who don’t like drinking or people that do you still might like this music but you will not like my blog much and I suggest you leave now. For those of you that enjoy a good martini or a bourbon and coke or a scotch or single malt on the rocks or a cold brew then your at the right place.

By the way I am going to start blogging about once every 2 or 3 days going forward and I hope I have a way to get this out there without having a bunch of friends on Facebook. I quit facebook cause I hate all these stupid invitations from people I don’t know to become their friends. Look I don’t know you “Amy Li or Juan Jesus” from where ever and I don’t want to be your friend.  So I guess there are ways to get your blog on the search engines out there and as you can see this blog is from my Windows Live Space… so if any of you out there have good ideas or hints on how to get this blog more published or searched please email me at  Also I have a comment area after each of my blogs so If anyone likes or hates it or just wants to say something they can. I do not have thin skin so you can pretty much say what you want and I don’t delete flames here like many places. This is an open mic.

What music do you all like when drinking in your house and your playing the music just for you?

T Out.


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