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The world Hates Google Instant and Google does not care one bit.

A group of us were recently venting in a forum about how bad Google Instant is and how the settings to keep it off NEVER stick. The thing is Google wants it that way. With Google instant on the newer user or the basic user will get tired of changing it back and just use instant. And because off that many users will click the top ads that show up first. It’s simply a money-maker for google.

Here was my comment I posted after reading everyone’s comment many of them saying “fuck you google”. 

Google does NOT give a shit what you want. They will get the users that use it to always click the top ads that show up this way. Google says to the power user “We don’t give a shit about you” “We just want to make money”
So you all out there how does it feel when google says “Fuck you” back and then it says “eat shit and die”. That’s what they are saying right now to everyone that hates instant. Google hates you.. get use it.
They are now part of the blood sucking vampire squid’s of the corporate world that hate the user. (anyone remember like me when we were using 386s in the late 80s and 486s and remember the hate was just starting for a company called Microsoft… like why the f*ck did they limit in dos memory to 640k etc.. and now it’s why does Microsoft monopolize the OS market making users have to upgrade their computers to use the latest OS because they no longer support the older OS and they make billions on all the PCs sold…etc..etc…)

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